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Since in the issue of politics there are always those who are either clueless or snipers, sometimes a cold shower and a reality check may be called for. And this is even more so, certainly today, when just one morning has been long enough for the Spanish justice to demonstrate their enormous skill for displaying weaponry to show the independence movement all that is at stake.

Spain’s state public prosecution service released a document accusing Catalan president Quim Torra for the issue of the banner on the balcony of the government palace -Palau de la Generalitat- displaying a banner in solidarity of the political prisoners, which the Central Electoral Commission asked him to remove. Compliance with this order was delayed some days. For this incident, the prosecution is now asking for a fine of 30,000 Euros and a 20 months ban from Office. If this was the final ruling and Torra was still the president, he would not be able to do nothing but leave the presidency.

This Tuesday morning, the Spanish police Guàrdia Civil has also appeared at the Generalitat palace and in various other institutional departments asking for information about the 1st October referendum. Also, the High Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has declared the cause at Barcelona’s Court no. 13, a complex case; the one focusing on Josep Maria Jové -Junqueras’ right hand in the Economy department- and his Moleskine diary, and against the high-ranking executives of Catalan media companies CCMA, TV3, and Catalunya Radio. To these, we must add Supreme Court's fine to president Carles Puigdemont and minister Toni Comin for their alleged procedural bad faith when defending one of the procedures to access their MEP seats.

The Spanish justice does not tire of initiating new legal proceedings against the independence movement or of extending their relentless repression while those at the top of pro-independence parties are bleeding out of their increasingly bloody and useless battles. This shameful spectacle, offered for too long already, cannot be the answer. It is a pity that, in doing so, they are dangerously risking the wealth of eagerness of so many people, without bearing in mind that failure, if it is to ever happen, will always be a collective one.