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The decision by the Central Electoral Commission with respect to the immediate loss by president Quim Torra of his seat as a deputy in the Parliament of Catalonia is a colossal judicial outrage and out of its strict framework of powers, unless a very extreme and, without doubt, controversial interpretation is made of the prevailing legislation. And, finally, it violates article 67 of the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, which establishes that the president of Catalonia can only be removed with a definitive sentence.

In this situation, the Commission's decision can have many interpretations. In these first hours, we've heard everything from it being a coup d'état or an unacceptable humiliation, another arbitrary action by the powers of the Spanish state, to a coup against democracy or a restriction of the Catalan president's basic rights.

But, beyond the assessments, there's one indisputable fact: the 131st president of Catalonia has been removed from office in an irregular manner, rolled over by a state administrative body, as the Spanish Senate previously did with Carles Puigdemont and as the Supreme Court and the Court of Accounts previously pursued Artur Mas. The repression isn't in the past; it's the starkest present.

And it doesn't seem there's another decision which is minimally worthy and up to the circumstances of the onslaught by the Central Electoral Commission against the principal institution of Catalonia than civil, agreed-upon and energetic disobedience by all the country's institutions. Because democratic dignity doesn't have sides, only servants in the face of such an outrage. If it's done in this way, the Supreme Court will probably end up redressing the Electoral Commission and, if not, it will be, later, the European justice system which does so. That, before the Commission, from its glass tower, decides who is the president of Catalonia. And, half an hour later, that Oriol Junqueras doesn't have immunity, whatever the Court of Justice of the European Union may say.

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