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This Friday marks three months since the February 14th elections, in which the pro-independence parties won an overwhelming victory: almost 52% of the vote and 74 of the 135 seats in the Parliament of Catalonia. It is worth remembering, given the risk that the politicians will end up wasting it, because it was a long-awaited milestone, which had a huge international impact, and never should such a great triumph fall into oblivion so quickly. On May 14th, the political situation is deadlocked and we have seen almost everything, and the independence movement could well adopt as a reflection on these times that phrase which reads "we looked in the mirror and did not like what we saw".

And where exactly are we? ERC is in its already known position, of wanting to form a government on its own, and it demands the necessary votes from Junts to make this possible; while on the other side, the party of Puigdemont, Sànchez and Borràs is demanding that ERC return to the negotiating table for a coalition government. On Wednesday, something else happened: the Comuns abandoned negotiations with ERC until the party agrees to say that Junts will not enter the government - it is understood that by this they mean never. Although the positions between the two major pro-independence parties are still as far apart as ever, with no real symptoms of tension being eased, a certain breeze of reduced pessimism did seem to move the air on Thursday evening. It would be a matter, to coin a phrase, of finding a runway in which both positions being backed by the parties could be authorized.

In any case, with twelve days left before the margin for an investiture inexorably runs out and the electoral calendar is set in motion, stitching up the number of seams that have burst is still an almost titanic task. Waiting expectantly are, above all, those of the Catalan Socialists (PSC), the party that has most to win through a repeat election. There are already polls, more or less credible, and not from the CIS public polling agency - today more manipulated and degraded than ever - which place the PSC in a comfortable position of preeminence, helped by a further decline of Ciudadanos, which could continue walking surely towards the abyss of the recent elections in Madrid that led it to win zero MPs.

In recent hours, one of the expressions most heard among the two parties of the current Catalan government is the fear of an accident. That taking the gamble right to the limit could end up leading to an electoral outcome. And if one looks at the calendar, moreover, taking risks on an election that would presumably be held in July, on the 13th and a Tuesday, might mean pushing the luck a little too far.