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I don't need to know the Spanish prison system to express my opinion bluntly: I want the political prisoners, all of them, without distinction for the party they're members of, likewise in the case of Jordi Cuixart, who's only a member of Òmnium, to leave prison as soon as soon as possible since the Supreme Court's sentences are plainly unjust and they've been scapegoated to try to end with the Catalan independence movement. I don't know a single Catalan in favour of independence who disagrees with this statement and, on the other hand, I know many people not in favour of independence who agree it should be like this.

The Spanish justice system has taken the sentences far beyond what the real, not the imaginary, evidence would allow. These days, and we need look no further, different officers from the National Police Corps are providing information about the orders they received on 1st October to act in the polling stations, when the person in charge of the operation, the then Civil Guard colonel, today general, Diego Pérez de los Cobos, stated something different in court.

So can't it be forced, within the law, the most beneficial situation for the prisoners in Lledoners, Puig de les Basses and Mas d'Enric? The most beneficial, without qualification and without restriction. We are talking about political prisoners, unjustly convicted and who have each spent at least 629 nights in custody, with some as many as 786. There will have to be political calls for an amnesty and their release. But there will have to be the most generous application of prison legislation possible to alleviate the judicial outrage employed against them.

And this isn't about one party or the other, and this goes for the three large pro-independence parties. This is about people. About good people. About very good people. This is about honourable public servants. About incorruptible politicians at the service of a public commitment. This is about people who have thought much more about what's best for the country, about their children and about the dream of a project which brings together so many dreams than about themselves. This is about all of us being able to continue looking at ourselves in the mirror and being able to embrace our friends again, better today than tomorrow. This is also about humanity, not privileges. It's been a long time since the nine pro-independence leaders tried over the independence process, and in prison for too long, stopped having privileges.

Let nobody expect me to opine over the second or third degree. That's not my job. Nor to distinguish between good ones and bad ones. But, please, do everything possible, everyone, for them to come out as soon as possible. That's all they need to do. Millions of us are waiting for it.