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Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart have now spent 300 days in prison. First in Soto del Real and then, since a few weeks ago, in Lledoners. Time goes by and they could perfectly well have fallen into obscurity. In fact, in part, they were imprisoned for that very reason. So that we forget them. Also to teach the independence movement a lesson for at least a generation.

In a world in which the speed of information means everything lasts very little time, the Jordis remain here, with us, as when they enjoyed their liberty. If the case against the Catalan government already has very weak foundations, as has been seen in the European courts, the accusations against Cuixart and Sànchez are an insult to common sense. Accused of inciting the crowd when hundreds, if not thousands, of photographic and audio recordings from that day in front of the Catalan economy ministry say exactly the opposite. Or the documentary made by Mediapro.

This Sunday, thousands of people went to Lledoners to remember the political prisoners. It's not an exception, nor are the sopars grocs1 or the infinite range of events around the whole territory. It's normal that all of this should make unionists nervous: the civil resistance doesn't come from the political parties, but from society. And it's not letting up, the memory of the injustice remains. And words acquire their right meanings. It's called provisional detention when its correct name would be discretionary.

I've kept up a certain correspondence with both Jordis over this time, and I also know how they are through their lawyers, relatives and friends. Sànchez and Cuixart have a lot to say in the Catalonia of the future. That which will light up at the exit of the tunnel, whose light still isn't to be seen. But those that have been involved in the repression don't see it either but, on the other hand, they do see how the civil resistance to so much injustice isn't withering. The Jordis are going ahead. Peacefully. As always.


Translator's note: 1. Yellow (groc, in Catalan) is the colour symbolising support for the prisoners like Sànchez and Cuixart; sopars grocs are "yellow dinners", organised to raise money to support them.