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I think it's hard to dispute that the internationalisation of the Catalan conflict is the independence movement's great secret weapon. The greatest support the Catalan cause has received has come around democratic values like the right to vote, in defence of fundamental rights which have been violated and in denunciation of Spanish repression. The internationalisation of the conflict has allowed for different European parliaments to take a stance on the matter. Support groups have been created in numerous legislative chambers and the international media is following the Catalan conflict with greater interest than ever.

Persisting with this path gives results, although, obviously, the route, at many times, becomes hard-going and narrow. Among other reasons because a resistance mentality has never formed part of the machinery of Catalan politics, capable of constructing magical stories and incapable of supporting the pressure when things go badly. This Sunday, the internationalisation of the conflict has chalked up a good victory with the manifesto from 41 French senators calling for intervention from France and the EU under a significant enough title: "For the Respect of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms in Catalonia".

Centralist France, Jacobin France, has been able to get 41 senators to speak out, a significant minority, to express their concern over the events which have taken place in Catalonia. They don't limit themselves to calling for respect for Catalonia's fundamental rights and freedom, but also denounce the political repression of her political leaders, the trial in the Supreme Court and the fact that elected political representatives should have been imprisoned or forced into exile for expressing "their opinions while exercising the mandates entrusted to them by the electors". The signatories consider all this to be an attack on democratic rights and freedoms.

The fact that among signatories there should be senators from six political parties (among them president Macron's) and all the French regions shows the important document's wide reach and how far Spain is from basic concepts like freedoms, rights and democracy when it comes to attending to legitimate requests, like those from Catalan society.

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