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With three days to go until the consummation of the failure of the defenders of the instigators of article 155 of the Constitution and those who jeer over Puigdemont's exile, over Junqueras' imprisonment, over the disciplinary measures against Jordi Sánchez in Soto del Real prison and those who call the attendees of a performance in support of the prisoners (link in Catalan) a "gang of idiots", the campaign for the 21st December election has today given us a classic example of something that happens every time there we have a date with the ballot boxes: the disembarking. The visit to Catalonia of the high command of the Spanish parties, of the generals of the parties which have political terminals in Madrid. Some of them come rarely during the year, but during a campaign none of them are normally missing: Rajoy, Soraya and Cospedal from PP were spread around Catalonia; Pedro Sánchez and Zapatero from PSOE were in Barcelona and Rivera from Ciudadanos in l'Hospitalet.

The first characteristic was that none of them made promises as in other campaigns. There will not be, for example, new investments in infrastructure. This time they've come to collect on article 155. With such zeal they defend the suppression of autonomy in Catalonia, the dismissal of its government and the threats that, without public rectification, the coercive measures will continue indefinitely. So much so that the deputy prime minister didn't hesitate to award the trophy to her boss, Mariano Rajoy, and to claim the decapitation of pro-independence Junts per Catalunya and ERC who, certainly, are facing the most decisive campaign without their leaders due to the actions of the public prosecution and the decisions of the judges. The campaign has such features: one talks so much that one ends up says what one thinks more than what one wants and, as such, puts the legal proceedings in difficult circumstances and sows doubts. The public prosecution service will have to pronounce on the complaint announced by Junts per Catalunya.

There are three days to go to the 21st December election and the campaigns have just the last push left, the one which ends up influencing majorities and making governing more comfortable. The independence movement has a historic victory within reach. Greater than the one in 2015 since the conditions of this election have not been normal and there hasn't been equality between the candidates. Something which the Supreme Court has already taken care of by not allowing campaigning in any way by the candidates imprisoned in Estremera and Alcalá-Meco.

Elections are always, by themselves, decisive. But none will have been as decisive as this, the first in which one side is looking to end with a certain idea of the country. To leave Catalonia as another autonomous community. Obviously, not like the Basque Country or Navarre, but like all the others. That's what is at stake on 21st December, beyond the words and rhetoric and what the article 155 side want to ratify at the ballot boxes.

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