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Life is full of accidents and unforeseen events, far more than you can imagine. The Barça players ran out on to the pitch at Camp Nou on Thursday on a winning streak aiming to finally mount an assault on the leadership of the league and after 90 minutes they returned to the locker room downcast and defeated. A failure of strategy, coach and players. Was it an accident? No doubt, but the chances of winning La Liga have now been greatly reduced and no longer depend solely on their own results. The analysts will discuss whether they speculated with a victory that they thought was in the bag, whether the best players weren’t on the field... but the fact is, the three points have got away.

I don't think this will end up happening with the pro-independence government in Catalonia, but there is no doubt that they are playing with fire. Ever since February 14th, whenever it has seemed that an agreement is about to be closed the message that is sent is just the opposite: that the discord is significant and that the red lines of ERC and Junts remain clearly drawn. The winning of 52% of the votes and 74 seats out of the 135 that make up Parliament has not yet served to materialize a definitive agreement.

Agreement has practically been reached on the policy programme of a government and work has been done in depth area by area to agree on the direction in every field during the legislature, and there remain old problems such as the question of how the Council for the Republic fits in and what do the government and pro-independence parties do if the two year deadline for progress on the dialogue table with the Spanish government runs out. In other words: if the result is positive it will be celebrated, but if it is negative, how is this failure to be managed? And here they are still stuck.

As long as this happens and agreement is not reached - it is not even close - skepticism grows. Of course, it is still based on a conviction that an agreement will finally be reached and that the scenario of the meetings - and of this week's summit at Lledoners prison - is one of negotiation and not of rupture. The first presentation of the government structure presented by ERC on Tuesday, of new ministries, the strengthening of the presidency area and the disappearance of that of digital policies, will soon receive a reply from Junts. This while they wait for a response on the political questions pending.

Meanwhile the clock continues ticking and ERC has set May 1st as a key day before it examines other scenarios which will also in one way or another rely on the deputies of Junts. In short, the game continues, the days remaining are fewer - May 26th is the deadline - and the risk of an accident is still a possibility.