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The Spanish monarchs Felipe VI and Letizia interrupted their private holidays as a result of the attacks of Barcelona and Cambrils. A few days with their daughters in an unknown destination, although some media outlets say that they went to the Côte d'Azur, after some family days in Majorca.

Back in Madrid, they have enjoyed an escape to the movies. This Friday they went to a cinema in the very heart of the capital to see Veronica, a Spanish horror film by Paco Plaza about the most paranormal event that has ever happened in Vallecas, a district of Madrid. The film is set in the nineties, where a teenager, after using a ouija board with some friends, is attacked by dangerous supernatural presences that threaten to hurt her whole family. The monarchs chose the 10:30pm showing, accompanied at all times by five members of security. 

It seems curious that they should have chosen a horror film just hours before the king attended Saturday's protest in Barcelona against the terrorist attacks and in support of the victims. A shocking choice which keeps surprising.

Before going to see the film, they went to have dinner together La Tasca de Ventura Rodríguez: grilled green asparagus and meat carpaccio with black truffle and Parmesan cheese, according to LOC. The restaurant is close to the cinema and offers its three-course menú for 12 euros.

Translation: Last Friday, the Monarchs dined in La Tasca Ventura in Madrid after [sic] going to the cinema where they saw the film Veronica

An informal trip by the monarchs which has leaked, again, to the media.