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Agbar is moving its official company office to Madrid. In a special board meeting held this Saturday, the water services company has agreed to the transfer. The company has decided to move its business address from Barcelona to Madrid "temporarily" because of the current political situation in Catalonia.

The decision was taken "in order to preserve legal security for investors" and will not "under any circumstances" have any effects on the services that the group's different operators provide right across Catalonia.

Agbar, which this year celebrates its 150th anniversary, is 100% owned by Suez Environnement España, a company belonging to the French group Suez.

In fact, it is not first time the French multinational has moved its Spanish fiscal address from Barcelona to Madrid. Two years ago it took the same step, also during a key period of the Catalan independence process, although the company stresses that on that occasion the transfer was strictly in response to "administrative and organizational" issues.

With this move, the water utility follows the path taken by other Catalan companies and banks such as Sabadell, CaixaBank and Gas Natural

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