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Ernesto Valverde isn't the right coach for Barça. The verdict comes after one of the greatest days of ridicule in the club's history, but has been valid throughout the season. With Spain's Liga in the bag, anyone who dared criticise the playing style proposed by the trainer from Extremadura was labelled an extremist. When reality hit stronger than ever, however, everything changed.

Facing a weakened Liverpool, Valverde's players gave a performance that will go down as a black night that no supporter will ever forget. It's over a year since that other disaster at Rome (another three-goal Champions League lead overturned in the second leg) and all of us, journalists and fans alike, had got tired of hearing that they'd learned the lessons. Well, maybe some of the team did learn them, but Valverde clearly didn't.

It's an honour to wear Barça's shield, even on days like today, but it's also a responsibility. Wearing the blue and burgundy demands control of matches, an emphasis on passing and for defence to be a secondary priority. Valverde didn't understand that at Stadio Olimpico last year, and he didn't understand it today. Then again, he hasn't understood it all season. Anything other than his resignation will be a disappointment.

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