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Historic. The Catalan Dragons have won Rugby League's Challenge Cup after beating the Warrington Wolves at Wembley (20-14), in a result that not only opens a new chapter in the history of the Northern Catalan team based in Perpinyà, in the French state; but also marks the first time that a non-English team has won the prestigious knock-out cup, competed for since 1897.

Moreover, it was also an occasion for the waving of the senyera, the Catalan national flag, as Wembley stadium filled with the four red "bars" of the Catalan flag. The playing of Catalonia's national anthem Els Segadors in the pre-match build-up also added to the distinct Catalan sentiment present at the mythical London stadium. The vocal group who sang the anthem wore yellow bows on their lapels, showing their solidarity with the Catalan political prisoners.

A deserved victory

The northern Catalan team took control on the scoreboard from the very start. A converted try in the opening minutes gave the Dragons the lead and set the tone for the match, with the English side forced to play catch-up and never being able to deny the Catalans. The Perpinyà players had already reached the final once before - in 2007 -  but this time they managed to keep their noses ahead till the finish line .

Little by little they pressed their advantage on the scoreboard, reaching 14-6 at halftime, before striking a final blow, with another converted try that took the Catalan team to the 20 point mark and ended up being enough to keep the Wolves from the door. Eighty minutes of exciting Rugby League with a result that was well-merited.

Thus the Catalan Dragons inscribe their name on the prestigious cup, and as the first non-English winners of the contest, bring it to their home on the Mediterranean.

Below: Catalan national anthem, Els Segadors, sung at Wembley half an hour before kick-off, during the pre-match build up.