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What a weekend for the Barça women's football team. A brilliant season was culminated on Saturday afternoon in the conquest of their third Champions League, 2-0 in the final over Olympique Lyonnais. And then Jonatan Giráldez's players began a party of more than 24 hours that went from the San Mamés stadium in Bilbao all the way to Barcelona, specifically to Plaça Sant Jaume, where the team formally presented all four of the trophies they have won this season to the political dignitaries, Catalan president Pere Aragonès and Barcelona mayor Jaume Collboni - and greeted the fans, eager to honour their champions, who filled the plaça. Here are the best images of the celebrations in the Catalan capital, and a few choice images of the victory hours earlier in Bilbao.

The Queen reunites with her fans

Alexia Putellas offers the Champions League trophy to Barcelona after scoring the goal that sealed the grand final.

Celebració Champions femenina Alexia Putellas Miquel Muñoz
Photo: Miquel Muñoz


The team with the broadest fan base

The Barça women's team was able to draw 40,000 people of all ages and genders to the stands of San Mamés to experience the final of the women's Champions League, and the same mix could be seen in Plaça Sant Jaume.

Celebració Champions femenina afició Miquel Muñoz
Photo: Miquel Muñoz


The arrival of the champions

This is how the players arrived at Plaça Sant Jaume, where the culers were waiting, with the players carrying the "poker" of trophies won this year: league, cup, Supercup and Champions League.    

El Barça femení celebra els 4 títols a la Plaça Sant Jaume / Foto: Miquel Muñoz
Barça women arrive at Plaça Sant Jaume / Photo: Miquel Muñoz


Institutional reception from Pere Aragonès

President Pere Aragonès received the Barça women's expedition at the Palau de la Generalitat, dedicating some emotional words to this group of historic players. Later, the players the crossed the square where they were also received by city mayor Jaume Collboni.  

Celebració Champions femenina Miquel Muñoz
Photo: Miquel Muñoz


Players greet fans from the balcony of the Palau 

Barça women address their fans from the balcony of the Palau de la Generalitat, and all kinds of chants were heard as well as a few croaky voices after a night in which sleep was not the priority.

El Barça femení celebra els 4 títols al Palau de la Generalitat / Foto: Miquel Muñoez
Photo: Miquel Muñoz


Bilbao turns 'blaugrana'

It was the culmination of a weekend that began on Saturday with a blaugrana (blue and crimson) tide filling Bilbao, host city to the final. Off the pitch, Barça was already ahead of their French rivals, because the culers once again made the difference with massive, energetic support.  

Bilbao will always be a special city for Barcelona fans, where a historic women's Champions League was won: not only was it the team's third title, but also because of the way they did it and almost everything about this very special final, culmination of a near-perfect season.


El Barça celebra el gol de Aitana Bonmatí en la final de la Champions League femenina / Foto: EFE
After a first half in which Barça dominated possession but could not break through, it was Aitana Bonmatí (right) who scored the 1-0 / Photo: EFE
Barça femenino Women's Champions League Bilbao / Foto: EFE
With Alexia Putellas's goal to make it 2-0 in injury time, the Barça team were deserved winners of the 2023-24 Women's Champions League final in Bilbao / Photo: EFE
Patri Guijarro Barca femenino Bilbao
Barça's Patri Guijarro celebrating in San Mamés with fans / Photo: EFE