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A unionist protester at a demonstration in downtown Barcelona this Sunday got into a physical scuffle with a member of the Catalan Mossos d'Esquadra police. The demonstration was called by a group called Hablemos Español (Let's speak Spanish) to protest against the Catalan educational model, and the protester got into a fight with a Mosso when officers of the Catalan police had formed a cordon to separate the unionists in Via Laietana from a pro-independence group which was occupying the lower part of the same street.

As can be seen in the images, taken from two different angles, the demonstrator, blowing a whistle, sets out directly towards the area further down the street where the pro-independence supporters are located and, when a Mosso steps into his path, engages the police officer in a scuffle.

Translation: Fascists front up to Mossos in Via Laietana! They are trying to create images of violence, don't be provoked! These people are very tense!

Finally, a marshall from the unionist march takes the man aside and sends him back towards the area he came from.