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One of the many protest mobilizations called by CDR (Commitee for the Defence of the Republic) groups around Catalonia this Sunday called on people to gather to block the C-60 motorway near the town of Argentona, just north of Barcelona. With the protest in place and traffic stopped, one driver decided to accelerate suddenly running into several protesters who were in the vehicle's path. One person suffered significant injuries.

The vehicle was a crimson-coloured Peugeot van. 

On the seventh day of protests against the jail sentences given to pro-independence leaders, other highway cuts took place around Catalonia, along with CDR actions that included "slow marches" to create congestion, actions in train stations and also rallies in major public spaces. Participants were invited to meet to "have afternoon tea together" or "shared meals" at different points on the highway network.


The two main accesses to Barcelona from the Pyrenees were both blocked: the C-16 highway at Berga, and the C-17 at Ripoll and Vic.

A rally in the city de Vic marched to the C-17 and blocked it at kilometre 60. 

At Berga, around 180 people cut the C-16.

Other highway actions included the blockage of the C-60 at Argentona, and a slow march on the N-240 at Vimbodí, which caused queues of traffic three kilometres long.

In Barcelona city, the Avinguda Meridiana was blocked at 7pm, along with Avinguda Diagonal at the Plaça Cinc d'Oros.

avinguda meridiana el nacional pau venteo
Photo: Pau Venteo