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Catalonia's president, Quim Torra, has thanked political prisoner Jordi Turull for expressing the view that "the proposal to carry out another referendum is welcome" in an interview with 'El Punt Avui'. 

"We have to move forward, set a goal, do it again," said the head of the Catalan executive on Twitter, adding that he thinks a new referendum on Catalan independence is possible "with the efforts of everyone, people, civil groups and institutions." And the tweet ends with the phrases: "No fear, no excuses".

In the interview, Turull affirmed that he looks positively on the Catalan president's proposal to once again put out the ballot boxes on the self-determination question. He says that now what is needed is to "specify and adapt it" following the examples given by former presidents Artur Mas (who organized the unofficial 2014 consultation) and Carles Puigdemont (who oversaw the 1st October 2017 vote).

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