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Catalan president Quim Torra has said this Saturday that "the dawning on the horizon of liberty for Catalonia is very close". The president praised the great success of the huge demonstration for the Diada last Tuesday and stressed that it "is important to know where we come from and our history, that is where the strength of this country comes from".

"I like this country that knows where it comes from and where it is going. A country that looks back, which is conscious of its history. We know all we have had to go through and all we have had to overcome in order to arrive at the point where we are now", said the president in an event in the village of Torrelles de Foix, near Barcelona, where he was accompanied by Catalan education minister Josep Bargalló.

Torra went on to suggest people take a look back in order to find the strength to then move forward and he said that it was important to be aware that "we now have, just ahead of us, the dawning on the horizon of liberty".

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