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Catalan president Quim Torra is starting a two day fast in solidarity with the political prisoners on hunger strike this Sunday, as part of a collective fasting action at Barcelona's mediaeval reservoir the Dipòsit del Rei Martí, in Sarrià. 

On Sunday morning, the head of the Catalan executive will join others already fasting and will go without food for 48 hours, until Tuesday. The collective fast in the Sarrià location began on Friday. On Sunday afternoon, while on the first day of his fast, Torra will also visit Montserrat, another location where groups will be fasting in support of the pro-independence political prisoners. At the moment, the president's official agenda for Monday is empty.

The Catalan leader will thus take a very personal action to show his support for the prisoners. He has said that he intends to show "solidarity, respect and admiration for the courage of his companions in prison on hunger strike."

Four of the nine Catalan pro-independence politicians in jail on charges relating to the 2017 independence referendum have begun a hunger strike in the last eight days. Their intention is to denounce the Spanish Constitutional Court's blockage of their process of appeal to European justice, as well as to protest the injustice of their broader situation: preventatively jailed for up to 13 months so far, while they await an eventual trial on charges that include violent rebellion.