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Novelist and playwright Suso de Toro, one of the leading writers in the Galician language and a frequent commentator on the Catalan political situation, has a query: he wonders if he has been boycotted by Spanish reviewers for his activism - in particular, in relation to his most recent novelFóra de si, which was published in Spanish several months ago.

In a tweet, de Toro has explained that the Spanish version of his work has received no reviews at all since its appearance in April and, noting this, he poses two questions: "Was it the activist who killed the writer?" Or alternatively: "Are they killing the writer to kill the activist?"

Despite the modesty implied in his first question, Suso de Toro is indignant, and ends his message saying that Spain does not forgive. De Toro has published more than 20 works in Galician, the language of the north-west corner of the Iberian peninsula, for which he has several Galician and Spanish awards. His books have been translated into several languages and have been taught in European universities.