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Two election night surveys on the European election results in Spain are in agreement that Pedro Sánchez's PSOE will win the vote in Spain with 18 seats of the 54 in play, and that both the Catalan pro-independence leaders heading tickets will win seats: the exiled Carles Puigdemont and the jailed Oriol Junqueras. But the predictions for the two candidatures headed by the Catalans are considerably different: 

GAD3 survey: Three seats to Puigdemont's Junts group  

Carles Puigdemont will beat Oriol Junqueras in Europe and the PSOE should win the EU election in Spain with 18 MEPs, says a GAD3 survey for the ABC newspaper. According to the poll, Carles Puigdemont's Junts candidature will win between two and three seats and the coalition led by Junqueras, Ahora Repúblicas, will obtain two seats, repeating its result from the 2014 elections.

Across the Spanish state, the Socialist PSOE is expected to win 30.3% of the votes, exceeding the right-wing PP, which would lose up to 5 seats, falling to 11 or 12 MEPs and 19.5% of votes. Third would be Ciudadanos (Cs) with 14.2%, rising from two to eight MEPs, one more than Unidas Podemos (11.8%). In addition, the extreme-right Vox would enter the EU chamber with up to 5 MEPs and 8.2% of votes. Junts would win two or three seats, Ahora Repúblicas, two, and the PNB-Coalición Canaria grouping would also obtain a seat.

Celeste-Tel survey: Junqueras' Ahora Repúblicas to win three seats

According to a Celeste-Tel survey for, the PSOE would win the European elections with 28.4% of votes, eleven points more than the PP. Among the Catalan parties, Ahora Repúblicas headed by Oriol Junqueras of ERC is expected to finish ahead the candidature of Carles Puigdemont, by three seats to one.

According to this survey, the PSOE list led by Josep Borrell would receive 18 seats, the PP 11, Cs 9 (with 16% of votes), Unidas Podemos 7 (12.4%), Vox 4 (6.5%) and Ahora Repúblicas (the list consisting of ERC, Bildu and BNG), three seats (6% of votes). The Junts group would win a single seat.




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