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Spanish fascist party the Falange Española de las JONS has returned to the streets. The extreme-right grouping which was the party of the Franco dictatorship in Spain held a night march on Friday night from Madrid to the Valle de los Caídos outside the Spanish capital. The so-called Marcha de la Corona was intended to pay homage to the founder of the fascist party, José Antonio Primo de Rivera, according to the far-right organization. 

The Francoist supporters are carrying out this act "when 82 years have gone by since the murder of the national head of the Falange at the hands of socialists and communists and at a time when patriotism was under full political persecution". 

"The Falange returns to the streets to show that the flag of the fatherland and social justice still flies high and is more necessary than ever", say said.

Support for the extreme right in Spain has become more visible in recent months. Far-right political party VOX has registered opinion poll results which suggest that it could win parliamentary seats, while the Spanish PSOE government's decision to exhume Franco's remains from the Valle de los Caídos mausoleum has also faced a strong counter-campaign from fascist sympathisers. Meanwhile, mainstream right parties Ciudadanos and the PP have also shifted further to the right.