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"Coward", "scoundrel". These are the insults that Spain's employment and social security minister Fatima Báñez has today Sunday chosen to pin on the acting Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, in an interview with Spanish radio station COPE. Báñez responded with these expressions - "cobarde" and "miserable" in Spanish - to the criticism that Puigdemont made on Saturday of the Spanish government for failing to share all the information that it had on the imam of Ripoll, intellectual author of the terrorist attacks of Barcelona and Cambrils, and supposed informer for the Spanish intelligence service, the CNI.

"We knew that Mr. Puigdemont was a coward, who ran away to Brussels so that he didn't have to face justice and fulfill legality. But after yesterday we know that he is also a scoundrel, because he doesn't tell the truth. And it is shameful that these statements are made by someone who has been at the head of the Generalitat [the institutional name of the Catalan government], which is a great Spanish public institution," she said.