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Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez has announced that his government will not have any contact with the new Catalan representative at the EU in Brussels, Meritxell Serret. In effect, this means the Spanish government does not recognize her.

Sanchez gave the comment at a press conference in Brussels after Friday's European summit. As part of the same inquiry, he was also asked whether the Spanish government would ask the other member states of the EU not to recognize the new Catalan representative, Sánchez indicated that it "has not been necessary", implying that he takes for granted that they will act in this way.

The Spanish government spokesperson, Isabel Celaá, said in the press conference after Friday's Spanish cabinet meeting that they "have not foreseen" taking any measure to contest this nomination.

Serret has been in exile in Brussels along with other members of the Catalan government since November 2017, but she cannot be considered as a fugitive from justice because she has always presented herself to Belgian justice as required, and when she left Catalonia she did not have any judicial matters pending.