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Pedro Sánchez's Spanish Socialists (PSOE) have announced that they are to open talks with the Catalan pro-independence party Together for Catalonia (JxCat) on the formation of the next Spanish government, having already begun meetings with the Catalan Republican Left (ERC), the pro-independence group with most parliamentary seats in Madrid.

"First meeting between JxCat and the PSOE since 10th November election to talk about investiture. @LauraBorras and @Adrilastra will meet on Tuesday at 4 pm" - Jordi Corbalan

Thus, according to Catalunya Ràdio, PSOE deputy secretary Adriana Lastra will meet with JxCat deputy Laura Borràs thus coming Tuesday afternoon at 4pm. On the same day a second meeting between the PSOE and ERC is scheduled, following the first encounter which took place on Thursday

Tuesday's meeting between the PSOE and JxCat will not be the first meeting of the two parties this year in relation to the attempts to form a new Spanish government. On June 13th, Lastra received Laura Borràs and Míriam Nogueras, in the round of contacts following this year's first Spanish general election, on April 28th. The negotiations at that time were, as they are at present, mostly centred on a proposal for a PSOE-Podemos coalition which would have required abstention from some pro-independence deputies to prosper in the Spanish Congress. However, over the summer, the proposal ran aground ​when the PSOE and Podemos failed to reach agreement. 


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