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In the face of the escalating repression from the Spanish state, Òmnium Cultural and the ANC (Catalan National Assembly) have decided to call independence supporters to the streets. "Today it's up to us to defend democracy", said Jordi Sànchez, president of the ANC. As such they've called for a protest this evening in front of the Economy ministry.

On the one hand, the entities have invited the public to join the crowd which, spontaneously, has grown throughout the day at the crossroads of Rambla de Catalunya and Gran Via, near plaça Catalunya, outside the Economy ministry. "We have to show the whole world that neither a judge, nor a public prosecutor, nor some Civil Guard units will shut us up," said Sànchez.

On the other hand, they also called for a "a great marathon of acts in defence of democracy" this weekend, whose centrepiece will be gatherings in the main squares of all Catalan municipalities at 11am. As it's Barcelona's city festival this weekend, "la Mercè", they will look for "an appropriate place".

"Today's events are a suspension of proper autonomy", said Jordi Cuixart, president of Òmnium, who addressed the European Union and the international community, saying that "today in Catalonia and the whole Spanish state, basic citizens' rights are being violated". However, he said that "if the Franco regime couldn't do for us, nor will an obsessed state that's afraid of democracy be able to".

For his part, Jordi Sànchez drew parallels with the attempted coup d'état in Spain on 23rd February 1981 because "the Civil Guard has again had a leading role that no democrat wants". He described the Civil Guard's actions as a "devastating coup d'état". The ANC's president warned that, from now on, "nothing will be the same". "If they don't take the ballot boxes, on 1st October we will vote."

Dozens of political and social organisations have joined the call from ANC and Òmnium. Among them are the Pacte Nacional pel Referèndum, UGT, Comissions Obreres, Unió de Pagesos, l'Associació d'Universitats Públiques de Catalunya (ACUP), FAPAC, LaFede, CIEMEN, el Grup de Periodistes Ramon Barnils, Justícia i Pau, Centre Unesco and the Fundació Pere Tarrés.