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Carles Puigdemont's lawyer in Barcelona, Jaume Alonso Cuevillas, has said in a tweet that "if all goes well, we could have the prisoners back home in a few days". However, he also stressed that we should not forget that "every night spent in prison has been a disgraceful injustice".

This message from Cuevillas could be related to the possibility of the Supreme Court taking over the cases opened by Spain's National Audience court against the members of the Catalan government and the leaders of the civil groups Òmnium and ANC.

If this move was accepted, it would mean that the entire legal process against the ministers and the vicepresident Oriol Junqueras, currently in prison on orders from National Audience judge Carmen Lamela, would be placed under the control of the Supreme Court. The latter offers more guarantees for the accused, since it can try people who hold public office and are, under the Spanish legal system, immune from prosecution in all but the highest courts.

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