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The direction of the Catalan European Democratic Party (PDeCAT) is finalising a "broad, transversal list with as much representation from civil society as possible" for the coming Catalan elections, headed by president Carles Puigdemont and with Marta Pascal conspicuous by her absence, party sources have confirmed to the Catalan News Agency. This weekend, Catalan president Puigdemont met PDeCAT president Artur Mas, the party's general coordinator Marta Pascal, its organizational coordinator David Bonvehí, and Tortosa mayor and Spanish congress MP Ferran Bel. The sources consulted have underlined that in this way they have responded to Puigdemont's request to head a joint civil list for the 21st December elections in Catalonia. The PDeCAT list will carry a name different to that of the party, even though the party will give it support in terms of electoral logistics.

The formula for this candidature headed by Puigdemont is not yet completely decided, but during the party leaders' visit to Brussels, progress was made. In this way, the party wants "to understand and respond" to the request made by Carles Puigdemont in an interview on Friday, wishing to head a unified civil list, but amending the concept so that the candidature has the support of the PDeCAT party machinery. Moreover, it would thus also have the space that the PDeCAT is entitled to in the election debates.

This "broad, transversal" list, open to civil society and resting on the "cushion" of PDeCAT thus appears to be the formula preferred by the PDeCAT direction for the December elections, and also the preferred option of Puigdemont. This proposal would imply discarding the civil list option suggested by the so-called Electors' Group and presented in Barcelona last Friday.

For the moment, no final decision has been taken, even though the party assures that within a few days a name for the candidature will be decided. The national board of the PDeCAT will meet on Wednesday, and Friday is the final day for presenting electoral lists.

During the talks held in Brussels, Marta Pascal informed Puigdemont that she had decided not to take part in these lists. According to party sources, this is a personal decision by Pascal, responding both to Puigdemont's idea of extending the candidature beyond the party, and also allowing her to concentrate on the tasks of consolidating and strengthening the PDeCAT.