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Jailed Catalan pro-independence politician, Oriol Junqueras, has written an article in in which he invites Catalan Socialist leader Miquel Iceta to visit him in prison and explain where the justice is in the sentence he has just received, "if you have a clear conscience".

"If Miquel Iceta and his colleagues have clear consciences, they should come to prison to tell me what's just about this sentence, looking me in the eyes, and looking our families and friends in the eyes. Will you come, Miquel? Your friends in the Supreme Court say you have 13 years to decide," writes Junqueras, leader of the ERC party and one of the nine Catalan pro-independence leaders sentenced to long jail terms for sedition in the recent Spanish trial.

Junqueras complains in the article that pro-independence parties have given several opportunities to the Socialists, but the party of Miquel Iceta and Pedro Sánchez has not responded with respect.

"We precipitated the fall of Mariano Rajoy's PP government, responsible for an ignominious police operation on October 1st, 2017, which battered peaceful citizens who were only exercising their right to vote. All of the Catalan democrats offered an opportunity to the Socialists to open a process of frank, calm dialogue, to talk about everything. All we have received in return is growing contempt. Until when?" he asks.