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"Catalonia is now a republic! And now we have to explain this to the world". So says the presentation of a new video released this Saturday by the pro-independence group Òmnium Cultural, aimed at letting the world know the reasons why Catalonia set off on its path towards becoming a republic. 

The video is in English and provides background on issues such as the cuts made to the Catalan Statute of Autonomy in 2006, the suspension of Catalonia's Law of Gender Equality by the Constitutional Court, and the changes made to the country's anti-eviction law, among others. The images also recall the violent police crackdown on 1st October to attempt to disrupt voting in the referendum.

The narration explains that all these facts contributed to Parliament's proclamation of independence. To conclude, the presenter appeals to the international community to "stand up against lies and repression" and "support us".

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