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Legendary folk singer and human rights activist, Joan Baez, on her farewell tour before retiring from live performance, has spoken out about the situation of the Catalan political prisoners and exiles as an "injustice" and says she is committed to "doing whatever she can" to help redress this situation. In an interview on Saturday for Catalan public television, she also said she hopes to visit one of the two jailed pro-independence civil society leaders, Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez, during her current stay in Catalonia, if the schedule allows.

"They are important and it is important that world knows about them," said Báez, asserting that, as it's difficult to ensure that such issues get media attention, "the more interest you can get from outside the country, the better." The singer-songwriter has assured that she feels "very pleased" to be "at least" a little involved in the Catalan political process. 

"My life's interest has been justice, and it's clear that there is injustice in Catalonia, with your political prisoners and exiles," said Baez.

Joan Baez also mentioned that, as on previous visits, there would be Catalan music included in her concerts in Catalonia. At a concert last year, she dedicated a version of Lluís Lach's song Més Lluny (Farther) to the Catalan political prisoners. 

The singer's entire interview with Catalonia's TV3, in which she touches on a range of issues to do with music, politics, her life and the future can be watched here​. (Baez's voice is heard in English, subtitled in Catalan, with the interviewer's questions in Catalan, unsubtitled)