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A journalist for German public broadcaster ZDF has challenged Spain's Telecinco to come forward and clarify where it really stands after "mixing Catalan flags in a report about Nazism". The journalist says that "that is manipulation" and that at her TV station "it would never have been possible".  

Hello colleagues at Telecinco, as a journalist for German television, I want to tell you that mixing Catalan flags into a report on Nazism is manipulation. At my station it would never have been possible. Are you thinking of correcting it? Or do you really think that Catalans are Nazis?

On the 80th anniversary of a notorious date in world history, Kristallnacht - the Night of Broken Glass - when Nazis staged a genocidal pogrom against Jews in 1938, the Spanish television chain broadcast a news item on the events, comparing Catalan independence demonstrations with Nazis and other extremists.

The report (in the tweet below) begins with historic images of the Nazi pogrom eighty years ago, and then shows Angela Merkel speaking at an event to mark the anniversary, quoting her as saying: "We have to work every day so that what happened eighty years ago never happens again." At this point the Telecinco story cuts straight to immediately-recognizable images of a huge, peaceful Catalan independence rally. After a brief pause in the commentary as the Catalan images begin, the Telecinco reporter says: "It is the essence of a message against nationalisms in all their formats", as it switches from Catalan images to a close-up of an angry demonstrator at a protest for some other cause. 

I'm sure that Telecinco will explain to Catalan the reason why in a story about Kristallnacht, it included images of a demonstration in Catalonia, equating it with Nazis and extremists. 
How sickening! Banalization of Nazism and Catalanophobia 
- Jon Inarritu (Basque member of the Spanish Senate) 

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