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An extremist group, operating at night, has "hit" the home of the parents of exiled Catalan minister Lluís Puig. The minister himself shared this news in a tweet; he explained that somebody painted a swastika - inverted - on the door of his elderly parents' home. Puig regards the graffiti as being intended "to provoke, to mark and to humiliate".

Today, by night and covertly, like criminals, they have hit my parents' home. People who endured the Civil War when they were very young and now they find this. When fascism paints swastikas (inverted) they are only trying to provoke, to mark and to humiliate. They won't succeed with all the dignity we have — Lluís Puig i Gordi 

Puig's tweet refers to the fact that his parents, when they were children, lived through the Spanish Civil War, fought eighty years ago. He affirms that the extremist groups will not be able to win in the face of "all the dignity" that the independence movement possesses. 

Lluís Puig, Catalan minister of culture in the Puigdemont government, has been in exile in Belgium since November 2017.