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Last Friday, MEP Toni Comín requested supporters to act "patiently and slowly" in order to add more sign-ups to the Council for the Catalan Republic. The targeted figures had not been reached, but after the event in Perpinyà, they have taken a very different direction: in little more than one day, a thousand people have registered. A figure much higher than last month’s average, which was around twenty registrations per day.

consell republica grafica

By now, more than 87,000 people have registered. The Council defines itself as "the instrument to start the journey towards the republic and to finish all together what we started that day", i.e. October 1st. It does not present itself as a political party, which served to point out the non-partisan character that president Carles Puigdemont highlighted on the previous days.

Precisely, Puigdemont has been received by the Perpinyà Local Council for the Republic at midday today. These organisations are created by the civil society of each locality and can integrate local municipality councillors but also ordinary people who are coordinated with the organisation.

"Welcoming president Puigdemont and ministers Comín and Ponsatí in Perpinyà in order to continue creating Local Councils all over the country. — Council for the Catalan Republic"