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Catalans living abroad have already starting receiving their ballots for the independence referendum and some have already voted, according to social media.

Translation: Everything ready! We've already voted! Thank you, Catalan government. 

Important announcement: the editor of the very prestigious Irish newspaper has now voted.

I've already voted, Mariano Rajoy. Here's your defeat and here's our victory. 

I've already put my voting slip in the ballot box. I've already voted! 

They can't prevent my vote.

The procedures to make voting from abroad possible are included in the supplementary rules that the Catalan government approved on Wednesday with the decree formally calling the referendum.

According to article 19 of the decree, Catalans living abroad who are registered as such will receive a communication from the government within 7 days through which they will be able to apply for the right to vote. Those who decide to exercise this right will receive the instructions and documentation to validate their vote, which will include some form of personal ID and the voting slip.