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Catalan president Quim Torra has explained that he will support the PSOE's motion of no-confidence in Mariano Rajoy's government if the Spanish Socialist leader presents a "republican programme", and gives supports to the "Catalan political prisoners". He said that PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez "will have us by his side in everything that relates to the defence of people's civil and political rights. This means giving his support to the Catalan political prisoners and exiled leaders", he stated.

The Catalan president also referred to the letter that he sent to Mariano Rajoy on Friday demanding that the Spanish government ends its measures obstructing his new Catalan government from taking office - a letter to which the Spanish government has not replied. With regard to this issue, Torra explained that the Catalan authorities have presented a case to the High Court of Justice of Catalonia in the face of Rajoy's refusal to publish his ministerial nominations and thereby preventing the ministers from being sworn in. "We have taken this action on an adversarial dispute basis, but we reserve the right to present a criminal complaint for malfeasance", he added.

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