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The Catalan Socialist Party (PSC) of Jaume Collboni would be the winner of an Barcelona municipal election if it were held now, while the winner of the mayoral election on May 28th this year, Xavier Trias, would fall to fourth place, according to the data from the second wave of the Barcelona city council's "municipal barometer" which was released this Wednesday afternoon, giving findings for the second half of 2023 based on a survey of 825 people. From the same study it is clear, also in the political opinions section of the survey, that Ernest Maragall, municipal leader for the Catalan Republican Left (ERC) and about to leave the post, is the most highly-rated political leader, while former mayor Ada Colau is the most prominent political leader to be given the thumbs down by Barcelona residents.

Voting intention in Barcelona (Municipal barometer Dec 2023). Select tab to show % of vote for: Both results; Current poll only; May 28th election only.   

According to the Barometer, the PSC currently would be the choice of 13.5% of voters, and would thus improve the 11.9% it achieved in the May election, making Jaume Collboni's party into the winner of a hypothetical election. "The PSC would win the election today", said the deputy mayor Laia Bonet in the presentation of the Barometer results, linking this poll result to the PSC's Pla Endreça, or "Tidy-up Plan". According to this study, the second place would be for Barcelona en Comú (Comuns), which would obtain 11.5% of votes, slightly down on the 11.9% obtained in May. Third place would be for ERC, with 8.2% of votes, above the 6.8% in the May elections, and the surprise would be for Trias per Barcelona, which would fall to fourth place with 7.5 % of votes, well below the 13.5% in May. The PP, with 2.5% of voting intention, the CUP, also with 2.5% and finally Vox, with 0.8%, would be next in line for representation in the City Council. It should be borne in mind that the Municipal Barometer data, as noted by the director of the Municipal Data Office, Màrius Boada, also includes the responses of citizens who would abstain, so the data is organized differently to the final photo of election night, in which the totals are given by party after subtracting the abstention.

Rating of Barcelona's political leaders, according to the municipal barometer S2 2023

Maragall, the highest rated

Regarding the public assessment of the leaders, the best result is for Ernest Maragall (ERC) with 5.3 out of 10. Voters also approve Xavier Trias (Trias per BCN, closely aligned with Junts), with 5.2 and Jaume Collboni (PSC), with 5.1. As for those who fail, former mayor Ada Colau (Barcelona en Comú) gets a score of 4.3, while Daniel Sirera (PP) is left with 3.2. The lowest score is for Gonzalo de Oro-Pulido (Vox), with 2.0. Regarding the level of knowledge of municipal leaders, former mayors Ada Colau and Xavier Trias are known by more than 90 percent of respondents; Jaume Collboni and Ernest Maragall, by 85%, while Daniel Sirera is only known by 50% and Gonzalo de Oro-Pulido by 20%.