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About a hundred Barcelona residents have blocked the city's Avinguda Meridiana again this Saturday night - and that makes 34 consecutive evenings that people from the neighbourhood have maintained their protest against the long jail sentences given to independence process leaders and the Spanish state's repression in Catalonia. Tonight at about 8pm, dozens of people stepped out onto the traffic claims of the Av. Meridiana, one of the Catalan capital's main arteries, in an action that has now become a routine, with evening temperatures below 10º as winter gets closer.

The 'Meridiana Resists' protesters, whose organization now includes their own Telegram channel, once more occupied the major boulevard this Saturday, chanting for the release of the political prisoners, the departure of the "forces of occupation" and in favour of "anti-fascist Catalonia". The action took place without incident and under the watchful eyes of patrols from the Mossos d'Esquadra and Guardia Urbana police forces.

The roadblocks on the Meridiana began on the evening of October 14th, the day the Spanish Supreme Court made public its decision to convict pro-independence political and civil leaders to 9-13 years in prison for sedition, as a result of the roles they played in organizing Catalonia's independence referendum on 1st October 2017.  

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