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The question session this Wednesday in the Catalan Parliament with the president of the Generalitat was dominated by the Israel-Palestine conflict and the growing problems in law and order in Catalonia. Asked about the war in Gaza, Pere Aragonès defended that "the deaths on one side or the other cannot be put on a scale", asserting that it is necessary to support "all the victims", regardless of the side they are on . Asked at the behest of the Popular Unity Candidature (CUP) to condemn Israel's "apartheid and genocide" in Palestine, the president asked MPs "not to contribute to the growing polarization that is occurring in Catalan and European society" over this conflict and emphasized that it is necessary to stand by the civilian population, regardless of its origin. Aragonès urged, again, for the release of the hostages held by Hamas "without any conditions" and for Israel's response to "adjust to the international humanitarian framework".

During the question put by the CUP, which was formulated by the deputy Carles Riera, the rest of the group's parliamentarians held up both a Palestinian flag and a Catalan estelada flag, in addition to placards that read 'Not in my name'. The CUP MPs criticized the "persecution and siege" of Gaza and asserted that "the oppressor must not be confused with the oppressed". Riera stated that "one cannot cooperate with states like Israel, which violate human rights and international treaties". "The position of the European Union is irresponsible, it cannot support genocide, and so is the institutional statement promoted by the PSC and Junts is also a mistake because one cannot stand alongside a corrupt and far-right government like that of Israel", he said. The CUP parliamentarian called for a "ceasefire" and maintained that the conflict will not end "until the Palestinian people can exercise their right to self-determination and refugees can return to their homes, when there is respect for international treaties, compliance with UN resolutions and the end of Israel's occupation and colonization".

CUP sessió control president 25 octubre 2023   Carlos Baglietto
The CUP hold up an 'estelada' and a Palestinian flag / Photo: Carlos Baglietto.

In his response, the Catalan president, Pere Aragonès, also expressed his support for a "ceasefire" and for a "turning point" to be generated for a "diplomatic resolution in accordance with the safety of all parties". "Humanitarian aid to Gaza and an end to hostilities on all sides are essential," he said.

Junts seeks to call house's Law and Order council 

For its part, Together for Catalonia (Junts) focused on the increase in law and order problems in Catalonia and the incidents experienced over the last few weeks in several Catalan cities. The president of the joint parliamentary group, Albert Batet, warned that "things are not going well" and that, in addition to the law and order problems and violent incidents, it is necessary to add that of the terrorist alert which has been reinforced at level 4 out of 5. Batet demanded that Aragonès "take the lead as the highest figure responsible for the Mossos police", that he should "listen to and convene the Law and Order council, and act". "The problem is not the number of police officers, there are more than ever, but there are also more law and order problems than ever," he told the president.

During the response, the president of the Generalitat pointed out that the Law and Order committee will be called together "when the Catalan interior ministry and security forces decide". "Leading security policies is not about making proclamations, it is about dedicating more human and material resources", he replied. Aragonès claimed that the Mossos d'Esquadra are also focusing on the fights against drug trafficking and the cultivation of marijuana, and asked Junts not to mix the law and order issues "with short-term struggles or fights".