Read in Catalan

Catalonia's estelada independence flag was on show today in Latvia, as members of that country's National Resistance movement displayed the Catalan flag, flanked on either side by their own national flag, at the commemoration of Latvia's independence day. The veterans entered the official independence day act making this gesture of solidarity towards the Catalan situation, in the presence of the Latvian prime minister and foreign representatives.

Translation: Today in Latvia we celebrate Independence Day. Members of the National Resistance movement went to the official ceremony carrying an 'estelada', surprising the president and the prime minister of Latvia as well as the foreign diplomatic corps.

This display of support for Catalan sovereignty has appeared at precisely the same moment as a radio station prank played by Russian broadcaster Sputnik on Spain's defence minister, María Dolores Cospedal, in which two humorists made out they were Latvian diplomats who supported the unity of Spain, offering military support to Cospedal, and advising her that Catalan president Carles Puigdemont was really a Russian spy.