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The media of the "One, Great, Free" Spain and its columnists are indignant. It turns out that Saturday's demo in Barcelona was a huge manipulation. Why? Basically, because the king was whistled at and there were pro-independence flags. Well, look, yes. Yes, yes it was like that. Was it the time and place? Maybe not. Or yes. I'm not the one to decide, but I can say that they'd have to explain to me when it's okay to manipulate a demonstration and when not. No, as in to make it clear. Definitively.

Because, listen... The people handing out Spanish flags along the route, why were they doing that? What was their objective? They were trying to create a story of "Spanishness", right? And is it legitimate or not to do so? And is it criticisable or not? This manipulation isn't manipulation but the others are? Should we go over the PP's (People's Party) Twitter account's timeline? Should we see what images appear there? Should we see if they're the reality of the demo or an attempt to tell the story of another self-interested reality? Come on, let's see some examples. Look, a video posted by the Barcelona PP:

What, is this an attempt to manipulate the demonstration to some ideological objectives or not? And should we look at one of the retweets from this account? 

Translation: This is the photo of unity

What unity is this lady talking about? If we believe the two flags joined in the heart on the banner, she's talking about the unity of Spain. But, hadn't we agreed that this was an anti-terrorism demo and a remembrance of the victims? Like those of 10th March 2007, which have become so famous these days. Yes, like the ones called by the PP against the "concessions of [then-prime minister] Zapatero to ETA" that were meant to be demonstrations against terrorism. Do you remember the front pages from the next day?

Translation: Historical demonstration against the cessions to ETA

Rajoy calls to "defend the Spanish nation" in the march against Zapatero

"Let the Spanish speak"

Historic and massive demonstration for democracy and against ETA

Wow, so no pro-Catalan independence flag, no. With the excuse of terrorism, was that a Spanish nationalist demonstration, in favour of Spanish unity, partisan in favour of the PP and ideological? Yes? Then listen, nothing more needs to be said. Good afternoon, have a good one.

Oh, no, yes, one small thing. The thing is, whilst they were doing it, everything was fine. Whilst they were playing politics with the associations for victims of terrorism, which they founded themselves and generously subsidised, it was fine. Instead of spending money on doctors and psychologists, it was about having people on the books to defend the PP and Spanish unity. It's that phrase from PP politician Jaime Mayor Oreja when asked if he was a Spanish nationalist. Looking at the questioner with an expression of astonishment and surprise, he said: "I'm not a Spanish nationalist, I'm Spanish". Of course, the nationalists are the others. Those who manipulate demonstrations are the others. Above all, when you're handing out Spanish flags, but as you're a minority, it's invisible. Because when it's visible, then it's normality. Your normality. Which, as everyone knows, is the good and true one.