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The Spanish Interior minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, has received an avalanche of criticism on social media because he didn't appear in public to give any information about the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils until 2 days after the events. Zoido did today give a press conference to announce that the terror alert level in Spain would be kept at level 4 out of 5.

Although he did travel to Barcelona on Thursday night, Zoido's ensuing silence has not pleased many internet users.

"Come on, there's a guy called Zoido who they say is the Interior minister. Where's he got to these last 48 hours?"

"Zoido has appeared"

"And almost 48 hours later, the Interior minister appears. The disconnection is now at a maximum! They've done it all by themselves!"

"The international community must be wondering why the Interior minister has taken almost 48 hours to appear in public."

"Zoido has taken 48 hours to appear, proving he's no longer minister of anything here"

"Zoido? Zoido? That rings a bell..."

"Zoido?? Who's he?? Disappeared for 48 hours... and now he wants to give explanations... about what??"

"And 48 hours later Zoido appears. And they tell us to trust in the Spanish state. In all, an insult to our intelligence"

"Some Zoido who they say is the Interior minister appears 48 hours later and makes some statements!"