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The news today that the four imprisoned Catalan politicians elected to Spain's Congress in last month's general election have been suspended from their seats​ has been widely reported on around the world.

British newspaper The Financial Times

The FT notes that the decision has been "cheered by rightwing Spanish legislators who are extremely hostile to Catalan independence" and suggests that it "could further damage Socialist prime minister Pedro Sánchez’s already strained relationship with the Catalan separatist parties".

French newspaper Le Monde

Le Monde says the decision could have "important political consequences" and that it could make Pedro Sánchez's path to being reinvested prime minister easier, lowering the number of votes he needs.

European network Euronews

In a report available in 7 languages, Euronews recalls that the prisoners were authorised by the Supreme Court to attend the opening of Congress earlier this week.

German international public broadcaster Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle suggests that "in a fractious assembly, the ruling could work in the favor of acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez".

Deutsche Welle

French news agency Agence France-Presse

AFP dedicated a breaking news tweet to the story.

US news agency Associated Press

The AP also interview Junqueras by videolink from prison and discuss him and Carles Puigdemont standing in this week's European Parliament election.

Associated Press

British news agency Reuters

Reuters say that the independence push in Catalonia has "overshadowed Spanish politics for years and is a major test for Pedro Sanchez’s Socialists".


Swiss French-language newspaper Tribune de Genève

Tribune de Genève also looks at Junqueras and Puigdemont's candidacies to the European Parliament, both of them "hoping to be elected MEPs to be able to denounce in the European Parliament the Spanish state which they accuse of not being democratic".

Quebec French-language newspaper Le Journal de Montréal

Le Journal de Montréal says that "these four pro-independence deputies, and a senator who should also be suspended, briefly left prison on Tuesday to take their seats during the Parliament's inaugural session".

Canadian English-language newspaper The Globe and Mail

US broadcaster Fox