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More than 7 hours after the terrorist attack in Barcelona which has so far caused 13 deaths, it’s still unknown where Spanish King Felipe VI is nor why he hasn’t come to the city. The Royal household has published a tweet condemning the attack and retweeted one from the Belgian Royal household giving their support. However, the Spanish monarch hasn’t appeared in person which has caused surprise in the Spanish media.

The king’s absence has surprised Madrid observers and coincided with 7 and a half hours during which the Spanish government was also absent from the Catalan capital. No national authority has appeared to give any kind of explanation. This has also been inexplicable for those in the political forums in Madrid, especially given the contrast with the quick responses from the British and French governments to the latest attacks in their countries. The Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, finally appeared at the Spanish delegation to Catalonia at 12:19am, when Catalan authorities had already give the all key facts of the tragic events.