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Barcelona, and the rest of Catalonia, saw numerous protests and roads blocked this morning in protest of the Spanish cabinet meeting being held in the city. Although the protests were mostly peaceful, tensions were high in many places, and Mossos (Catalan police) used some force near the Llotja del Mar itself, where the cabinet was meeting. As of this evening, it's believed 13 people were arrested in total.

Tension between Catalan firefighters and police:

Demonstrators push police back:

The atmosphere on Barcelona's Via Laietana:

Tension between protesters:

Police use force against protesters on Barcelona's Rambla:

Demonstrators moving barriers:

Arrests near Barcelona's Rambla:

Demonstrators chant "Your minister is in prison" (a reference to interior minister Quim Forn, in pretrial detention for his role in last year's referendum):

Tension between demonstrators over methods:

Tension between protesters and police:

Protesters banging pots and pans in rejection of the Spanish cabinet:

The "popular cabinet meeting" organised by Òmnium Cultural:

Tension between CDR and police:

Police withdraw and protesters start marching:

Protesters chanting:

Shouts for the release of the political prisoners:

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