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During a far right rally today in Barcelona's Plaça Sant Jaume, a group of Vox supporters attacked and harassed a TV news team from municipal channel Betevé which was covering the protest. While singing "Viva España", the attackers pushed and harassed one of the journalists. In addition, they also spat on the camera lens and verbally abused both the reporter and the mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau. Due to the attack, the team had to interrupt its work.

Also among the demonstrators' chants: "Spanish press, manipulative". 

This aggression against a Betevé crew comes just two days after the president of the Catalan Association of Victims of Terrorist Organizations, José Vargas, threatened another TV camera person working for Barcelona city's public television channel.

"Erase all the images of me or I'll break your camera," said Vargas to the Betevé journalist on Friday night (shown below), at a pro-Spain counter protest to the regular pro-independence actions in the city's Avinguda Meridiana.


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