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Below are the key answers from El Nacional's interview with Catalan president Carles Puigdemont in Brussels this weekend. All videos have English subtitles available by clicking the button to the left of the cog at the bottom of the player.

1.- How does the proclamation of the Catalan Republic stand?

2.- Do you not renounce the unilateral path?

3.- What is your situation, as you see it?

4.- Have the members of the Catalan government respected the application of article 155?

5.- How will the result of the 21st December election be applied?

6.- Were you under surveillance as president?

7.- What's your opinion of the role of the Spanish king in Catalonia?

8.- Have you received any death threats?

9.- Do you contemplate being sworn in from exile?

10.- There has been talk of investing Puigdemont, even if he doesn't win the elections...

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