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Alarming images of the effects of the storm Glòria on the Ebre Delta in the south of Catalonia. In this environmentally-sensitive delta region on the Mediterranean, the force of the waves pushed sea water up to 3 kilometres inland, flooding an area of 3,000 hectares. Rice fields were left completely drowned.

Catalan firefighters inspected the area from the air to analyze the magnitude of the disaster.

Images from the air also reveal the destruction caused by the storm in the area of the Fangar lighthouse.

Ground-level images show how the sea surged into the Delta region's rice fields. 

Satellite images

If the views from the air already give an idea of the storm's impact, images from space show the full gravity of the situation in the Ebre Delta, a key Mediterranean wetland, as well as an important area of specialised agricultural production.

The images, from the Sentinel-1 satellite, show the Ebre Delta before and after Storm Glòria arrived.