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Once again, Spain's security forces have shown their lack of respect and scorn towards the Catalan political prisoners and independence supporters. A video taken this morning from inside one of the Civil Guard vans has been posted online.

The officers laugh at the people who have gathered along the route out of the prison. As an extra touch, the song playing in the van, by Basque group Josetxu Piperrak & the Riber Rock Band, is precisely against the Civil Guard. It's called O.V.N.I (Objeto Verde Nada Inteligente) - ovni is Spanish for "UFO", but the group repurposes the acronym to mean "unintelligent green object".

The original song:

Shortly before 7am this morning, the male prisoners left Lledoners prison, heading to Brians 2, where they were joined by their female colleagues for the journey to Madrid.

Around 9.30am, the Civil Guard convoy left Brians 2 for Madrid. First it went to Madrid I - Mujeres (Alcalá Mecó) to deliver the female prisoners, then to Madrid V (Soto del Real), where the male prisoners will be held for the duration of their trial.

judici proces trasllat presos brians Sergi Alcàzar

Photo: Sergi Alcàzar