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If the army intervenes in Catalonia, then it would guarantee the unity of Spain. This is the proposal put by the journalist and panellist of Intereconomía, Eduardo García Serrano, on the channel's programme, Gracias por nada (Thanks for nothing), a few days ago.

"You cannot delegate a region of Spain, an autonomous community, a county of the crown of Aragon, to a government that is a band of separatists, and who as well as being thieves, aim to intoxicate," exclaimed García Serrano.

The panellist also accused the Catalan government of being "separatist thieves who have taken out even the cobwebs from the pockets of our Catalan compatriots". In addition, he sees it as "intolerable" that Catalan children "are educated in a permanent hatred of Spain", for which he believes it is necessary "to grab the responsibility of education" away from the Catalan government, and "afterwards from all the other ones".

This same panellist from Intereconomía was convicted in 2010 for a crime of serious insults uttered against the Catalan ex-minister of Health, Marina Geli, in a programme on the same channel.