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The Mossos (Catalan police) have confirmed the arrest of one of the presumed authors of the terrorist attack that took place this afternoon in Barcelona, and are searching for two further terrorists who may have fled from the scene, according to police sources.

Through its Twitter account, the Mossos confirmed the arrest, even though they did not specify the identity of the person under arrest, and also denied that there was anyone taking refuge in any bar in the centre of Barcelona, as was orginally thought. 

The police have established controls at all exits of the city through their operation known as 'Gàbia'. It was precisely at one of these controls, that a Mossos agent was run over.

The Mossos have located in the nearby city of Vic the second van rented for the attack, near a Burger King restaurant. The Mossos agents immediately cordoned off and were awaiting the arrival of bomb defusal experts to analyze the vehicle.